The Cambridge no-show Prom

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Many of you may be familiar with the Cambridge Summer Music Festival.

As well as great concerts in some of the City's most historic venues, it also reaches out to the community in many other ways - particularly young people.

The Festival aims to ensure that children grow up with classical music inside them, gives platforms to rising musicians and composers.

It’s organising a noshow prom (a kind of pretend concert) to raise funds to ensure its future. Your donation gets you (no show) tickets or even membership of the noshow orchestra. This is a very new - and entertaining form of fundraising and appeals to those who are happy just to donate £1 as those who can spare more.

Do visit their site. I think the address is

Your donation helps to secure the Festival’s future, while you enjoy a night in – wherever you are in the world. No need even to be in Cambridge (just in case you're on holiday on the 12th April which is when the concert won;t be taking place.

Take a partner. Antonio Vivaldi or Banderas? Catherine Jenkins or Zeta-Jones? Anyone you desire can be included on your beautiful personalised tickets - after all, they won’t show either!

Alternatively, pay to ‘perform’ your favourite music in the largest no-show orchestra in the world. No need to attend rehearsals or the concert in fact. Just decide where you wish to display your personalised poster.

Help us guarantee future classical concerts for thousands of people and ensure future generations appreciate music as much as we do today.

Thank you